4,337 SF Multi-purpose Space

Property Overview

This building, commonly called the “Drugstore Building”, was the first property owned by company founder, J.R. O’Neal, CBE. Located on Main Street, it was a small building across the street from the home of J.B. O’Neal, J.R. O’Neal’s father.

J.R. O’Neal purchased the building in the early 1940s and started a pharmacy on the ground floor and had his home on the first floor. J.R. O’Neal gradually expanded his business into other areas and this building was expanded several times over the years, with storerooms filling in what was a backyard behind the house. In the late 1970s, the property was practically rebuilt and repurposed for a modern pharmacy and offices. Continued upgrades, culminating with major repairs in 2017, have preserved the original structure and adapted the building for use for many years to come.